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          CSA Program

          CSA Program

          Our CSA program is the cornerstone of our farm. It has allowed us to grow our business over the years in a fair and responsible manner.


          Veggies we grow
          Photo: Tara Simpson, Edible Ottawa

          What we grow

          We provide our members with fresh, certified organic produce from baby-leaf greens in the Spring through to root crops in the Fall.


          Veggies we grow

          Local & Organic

          Roots Down Organic Farm has been certified by Eco-Cert Canada, an independent and accredited certification body, since 2007.



          CSA 2022

          CSA 2016

          Sign up for our 2022 CSA Program and receive a weekly box of fresh, organic vegetables throughout the season.

          Learn more about our CSA Program

          Online Farm Store

          Online store

          We have teamed up with a group of local farmers and producers to offer an Online Local Food Store.

          Learn more about the online farm store

          Farmer's Markets

          Farmer's Markets

          Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to find out what we'll have at Market each week.

          Learn more about our weekly Farmers' markets

          The day will come when a single carrot, freshly observed, will set off a revolution.

          Paul Cezanne